What is SuperShop?
What is SuperShop?

What is the SuperShop programme?

SuperShop was the first, and is currently the fastest growing multi-partner loyalty programme for regular customers in Hungary. It was created by retail and service chains that are popular throughout the country to reward their regular customers with loyalty points.

These SuperShop points can be collected and redeemed at almost 800 locations nationwide using the SuperShop card. Point issuing and redeeming partners in the SuperShop programme are SPAR and INTERSPAR stores, OMV petrol stations. The programme’s point issuing partner is the insurance company Union Biztosító.

There are countless places to collect and spend points with a SuperShop card. The SuperShop card is accepted at almost 800 shops. If you make a purchase in any one of these, you always receive points. Sometimes you may even get double or triple points. You can spend the points you have collected on any product or service you like at almost all the partners in the programme at any time.

What is the SuperShop card for?

Simply put, the SuperShop card is for collecting and then redeeming points. It’s a simple yet great thing. The secret of its success lies in the number of places points can be collected and redeemed, the quality of services, the constantly renewed offers and its simplicity of use. You only need one card to enjoy all the benefits of SuperShop.

What is the secret of the success of the SuperShop programme and card?

Really free

There are no charges or hidden costs in the SuperShop programme.

Personal and customised

The SuperShop card with your name on it guarantees that only the cardholder can use the points. You will be sent a statement of the balance of your points by e-mail every month.

The card can be customised to your liking. You can choose the card design you like best from those available. Whichever design you choose, you can use your card at all acceptance points at all SuperShop partners.

If you provide us with your e-mail address, we will send you customised offers and let you know about the SuperShop partners’ special offers straight away.


A convenient way to collect and redeem points at all partners with just one card.


You can use your card at almost 800 locations, so you can collect points almost anywhere in Hungary.

200 points free when you apply

To have a flying start, we will give you 200 free points if you complete all sections of the application form.

Additional cards

Do you want to collect as many points as possible? Ask for an additional card – or even more than one if you like – so you can collect points with members of your family or your friends on a joint account.

Collecting points, extra points, super offers

With your SuperShop card you can take part in all extra point campaigns announced by SuperShop partners, enjoy all super offers and use the discount offered by the extra vouchers.

Ordinary points: You can ask for points to be credited every time you make a purchase with your SuperShop card simply by handing over your card. You receive 1 point for every HUF 100 spent and 1 point for 1 litre of fuel. Since 30 August 2012 SPAR and INTERSPAR stores have given 1 SuperShop point for every HUF 200 spent.

Double points: SuperShop celebrates with you on your birthday and name day. For purchases made on these days, we will double the value of the ordinary points.

Special offer points: You can increase the number of points on your account even more quickly by taking part in point campaigns and prize games at SuperShop partners.

Join Hungary’s fastest growing multi-partner loyalty programme and quickly collect and spend points.

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